A member may fly the Club Burgee from any vessel on the Club Register, or any vessel where the member is effectively in control of the vessel.

        PBC Club Burgee                                           Current year Pennant
Vessels must fly the burgee and the current year pennant whilst using any of the Club moorings.
The Pelorus Boating Club burgee is triangular in shape, black in colour, with a white dolphin in the middle.
Commodore's flag as above with Swallow Tail
Vice Commodore's flag similar to Commodore's with one white ball in the upper inner canton
Rear Commodore's flat similar to Commodore's with two white balls vertically in the upper inner canton
Club Manager's flag is two tailed with one white five (5) pointed star in the lower inner canton
For members information, and to help identify other users of jointly owned moorings:
                 Mana Cruising Club burgee is triangular in shape with a red top section, a white stripe through the middle, and blue lower section. 
                 There is a white anchor in the top section.

Waikawa Boating Club burgee is a light blue base with a gold cross with the upper inner Canton containing the letter 'W'.