John Turner

We bought our first boat in 1984 (a 14’6” Sea Nymph) and have enjoyed fishing and boating ever since in a succession of small boats. Most of the time since then we lived in the Waikato, just out of Cambridge where I worked for an analytical testing laboratory and Alison as a primary school teacher. 

We bought a small farm on the edge of Cambridge after a few years and grew asparagus in addition to our full time jobs – that was very satisfying but hard work that cut quite deeply into our boating and fishing time. The answer was to cut back our jobs and I became a self employed consultant still doing my old job for a couple of days per week in addition to providing information and technical assistance to farmers and fruit growers who needed specialist advise on fertiliser, crop and animal nutrition.

With the inevitable sprawl of Cambridge town into the surrounding farmland, we were almost in town by 2005 and it was not the same lifestyle as when we bought it 9 years previously. When an offer ‘too good to refuse’ was made for our little farm, we made the decision to move to Havelock.

My original home town is Christchurch, so Havelock was an old family holiday destination for the Turner family that I always had fond memories of. Alison, originally from Te Kuiti was also keen to make the move.

Our friends from Cambridge and Hamilton all thought we were crazy at the time but now understand why we enjoy Havelock after visiting us.

Anyway since moving south, we have settled in. My consultancy work continues and Alison is also working part time as a special education teacher for 2 Blenheim primary schools. We have more time for boating and now have traded our small fizz boat for a larger one so that we can go for overnight trips. Our other recreational activity is travelling in our campervan anywhere in NZ. 

Work does still intrude into our recreation time but we keep a careful watch on that, particularly during summer.